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Maternity Delivery Price


Normal Delivery for simple & uncomplicated case Charges include:-


2 days 1 night stay
2 first visits by O&G Consultants including review at labour room
1st baby screening by Paediatrician
4 meals day
BCG Vaccination
Vitamin K for Baby
Hepatitis B 1st dose
Price starting from *RM2,500.00 (Quad Room) and RM2,700.00 (Single Room)


Vacuum / Forceps Delivery
RM 1000.00
Epidural Anaesthesia
RM 860.00
Induction of Labour *starting from
RM 150.00
Caesarian Procedure *(3days 2 nights stay) starting from
RM 7,000.00


Antenatal Clinic by O&G



1st visit consultation
RM 80.00 - RM 120.00
Follow up consultation
RM 60.00 - RM 90.00
Obstetric / Gynae Ultrasound
RM 100.00
Details Ultrasound +3D+4D+CD
RM 240.00
Details Ultrasound 2D
RM 140.00
External Cephalic Version (ECV)
*starting from RM 150.00